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Auma to replace explosion-proof actuator connectors with new model

German actuator manufacturer Auma is preparing to replace its KP and KES connections for explosion-proof actuators with the new electrical KT connection.

The new connector, as well as the two previous ones, feature a modular design that simplifies their purchasing and installation, and they are implemented via Auma’s plug/socket connector.

“The new KT plug/socket connector combines the compact design and the cost-effectiveness of the KP connector with the flexibility of the KES connector,” said Peter malus, product manager at Auma.

The existing KP connector is available with EX e (increased safety) approval for operation at up to 500V.

More sophisticated requirements, such as EX d (flameproof enclosures) or particular connection technologies – including fibre optic couplers – formerly required a KES connector.

The new KT connector is a versatile device that allows connection voltages up to 1,000V and it is available in protection types Ex e and Ex d.

It allows easy implementation of special connection solutions, depending on the available space.

The KT connector with Ex e protection will be included in the base price of every explosion-proof Auma actuator after its release in 2017 is fully compatible with all of Auma’s existing electrical connections, the company said in a statement.

For KES applications, changing to a KT connector requires no modifications to the actuator, while existing KP applications require replacement of the actuator connector part.