AUMA launches high-performance master station

Electric actuator specialist AUMA has launched its new SIMA Master Station - providing actuator control and supervision via open fieldbus standards.
By optimising communications between field devices and host system, the master station simplifies all aspects of configuring, controlling and managing valve actuators and other field devices over the plant’s life cycle.
While suitable for any type or size of petrochemical plant, the master station is particularly beneficial for extensive sites with large numbers of actuators, such as tank farms and refineries.
One device can manage up to 988 actuators in four independent networks, arranged as loop or line topologies. Total cable length without external repeaters can be up to 296 km per network.
“Our new high-performance Master Station strengthens AUMA’s position especially on the oil and gas market,” said Sascha Loth, product manager at AUMA.
“We have already supplied it to numerous reference projects worldwide, and it really is proving its performance. Our customers are enthusiastic about its ease of use and its extremely reliable and high-speed communication.”

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