Atmos releases leak detection solution for pipelines

Atmos International has launched a line of software and hardware designed to fill the gaps in leak detection and detect pipeline leaks faster than conventional leak detection systems.

The hardware options of the Pipeline Guardian solution are intended for pipelines where a lack of sufficient instrumentation, power, or poor telecommunications has hindered leak detection.

The Pipeline Guardian hardware is well-suited for adding sensitive, reliable, and accurate leak detection on high consequence areas, such as river crossings and environmentally sensitive ecosystems.

The hardware can also be strategically placed to isolate pipeline sections prone to column separation, allowing optimal threshold settings on both the tight and the slack sections of a pipeline.

An intelligent control panel, containing an on-board data storage back up to prevent data loss, collects, analyses, and transmits leak detection data.

Data can be processed locally or sent back to the pipeline control centre for processing through TCP/IP, line-of-sight radio, GSM, and satellite.

The clamp-on flowmeters are customised for highly repeatable measurement when paired with Atmos leak detection software options, and they require little flow conditioning, allowing for installation in tight spaces.

In addition to inexpensive, high resolution pressure sensors, hardware options also include the Halo clamp-on pressure sensor, which attaches to the outside of the pipeline, eliminating the need for pipeline tapping.

Acoustic sensors are available to detect leaks by correlating the noise fluid makes as it escapes the pipeline.

The leak detection software modules include intelligent flow balance, negative pressure wave, dynamic pressure and flow rate modelling, and acoustic noise correlation.

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