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ATI nets $45 million South American oil pipeline contract

Allegheny Technologies (ATI) has been awarded a contract to supply nickel-based flat rolled products for an oil pipeline in South America.

According to the company, the contract is worth approximately $45 million (€40 million) and shipments of product will begin in Q2 2019.

“ATI’s differentiated products will help to facilitate increased energy production in the region,” said Jeff Thompson, vice-president of sales for ATI’s Flat Rolled Products segment. “Our customer chose ATI due to our unbeatable combination of the shortest industry lead times, high quality products, and our unique material products.

“ATI delivers a highly competitive solution to our customers through the use of differentiated continuous coil instead of discrete plate for this application. The unparalleled reduction power and gauge control of the Hot-Rolling and Processing Facility (HRPF) makes this possible.

“It also enables tighter tolerances and gauge controls that, combined with ATI’s specialised melt technology, enable us to produce materials with proven corrosion resistance in the demanding subsea oil production environment.”

Final products for the pipeline will be shipped by the end of 2019, the company added.

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