ATEK launches new liquid tank monitor range for remote accessibility

ATEK Access Technologies has launched a new series of liquid tank monitors for fuel and lube distributors, waste oil collectors and others managing liquid assets.

The TankScan Cellular Ultrasonic (TCU) monitor, a fully integrated cellular-enabled tank level monitoring solution, provides remote access to liquid tank data anywhere there is Internet access via the TankScan Global customer web portal.

'The TankScan TCU monitor has allowed us to increase efficiency and optimise our distribution process,' says Jeff Weis, owner of Weis Oil in Bird Island, Minnesota. 'Since using the TankScan solution, our average delivery has increased by about 600 gallons on a 2,800-gallon tank. It also saves us one trip per month, which is about 82 miles.'

Using CDMA cellular technology, TankScan TCU can be installed on tanks up-to 12 feet in height in locations where network infrastructure may not be available. It features an integrated non-contact ultrasonic sensor, a durable NEMA 4X enclosure and long battery life.

The TankScan TCU provides the tools necessary to accurately and cost-effectively monitor fluid levels in single tank sites, from the convenience of any computer using ATEK's TankScan Global customer web portal. ATEK technical support personnel supervise all monitors in the field using the ATEK Service Platform, a dashboard within Salesforce.com that provides alerts when any monitor operates outside of a set of pre-defined parameters.

'Manually monitoring remote storage tanks can be expensive, inefficient and even dangerous when required to climb on top to stick the tanks,' says Sherri McDaniel, president of ATEK Access Technologies. 'The TankScan TCU automated tank measurement system optimises the distribution and collection processes while decreasing the need for manual inspections at remote tank sites. It also ensures trucks are deployed efficiently, eliminating costly run outs or overflows and providing customers with what they need when they need it.'

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