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Aseptic stainless steel control valve for small volumes

Aseptic diaphragm valves are frequently used to control sterile applications, but small volumes can only be controlled with an inadequate level of accuracy, or not at all.

Gemü has released the 567 BioStar control valve in order to solve this problem.

The Gemü 567 BioStar is a 2/2-way globe valve with a regulating needle or regulating cone for high control accuracy and precise dosing, with the valve seat on both versions being sealed using a soft-seated seal.

The actuator is separated from the media-wetted area by an FDA-compliant PTFE diaphragm, which ensures a permanent, temperature-resistant seal and thus meets the high requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Compared with bellows valves, cleaning the valve is easier due to the hygienic and minimal deadleg design.

It is likewise possible to clean and sterilise the valve using a CIP or SIP procedure.

The valve is also available with an integrated bypass, which makes it possible to achieve the flow velocities required for the rest of the system during the cleaning process.

At the customer's request, the 567 BioStar can be integrated into a multi-port valve block, requiring less space in the system and also reducing the installation and welding effort.

All surfaces which come into contact with the product are precision-turned or polished, and additional electropolishing can achieve a high surface quality of Ra 0.25µm.

EHEDG certification and testing in accordance with Procedure 3A are currently in preparation.

The valve is available as an angled design in nominal sizes DN 8, DN 10 and DN 15.