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Asco Numatics expands stainless steel filter regulator range with a compact model

Asco Numatics, part of Emerson, has introduced a compact stainless steel filter regulator as an addition to itsexisting range.

Boasting the highest flow rate on the market for its size, according to Asco, the new product is well-suited for the control of process actuators when a compact solution is required without compromising on actuator opening and closing speeds.

The compact filter regulator complements an existing range of high flow stainless steel and aluminium filters, regulators, and filter regulators.

Suitable for harsh environment applications, such as offshore and onshore oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical plant, and power generation applications, the new compact version is available in ¼” size.

The regulator features an optimised flow path and a reinforced rolling internal diaphragm design, which also increases the product’s longevity, particularly when combined with the high quality construction materials of the SSFR.

The device is also certified according to the ATEX 2014/34/EU, CUTR, and SIL certifications.

The stainless steel filter regulator options complement Asco’s range of direct and pilot operated solenoid and pressure operated valves.