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AS-Schneider’s E Series valves and manifolds certified fireproof

AS-Schneider, a German industrial valves specialist, has received the Fire Safe Approval for its E Series valves and manifolds.

The approval, granted by the international testing and certification body TÜV SÜD, certifies that the E Series valves perform safely and reliably in shut-off duties also in case of fire.

The tested valves were deemed leak-free under extreme test conditions and were still fully operational after the testing.

The Fire Safe Type Test ensures that the valves demonstrate minimal leakage and can still be operated in case of fire.

During the testing, they are first placed under pressure with water and must withstand a fire for 30 minutes, after which the examiners cool the fittings down for 10 minutes to below 100°C.

Throughout the test, leakage within the valve seat as well as without is measured according to strict limits.

Finally, the valve must be able to be fully opened at least once after the previous tests.

The examiners could not identify any leakage during testing and there were no limitations in the operability of the E Series valves after the testing.

The E Series valves are manufactured exclusively from high quality stainless steel with pure graphite gaskets being used for the outside sealing.

This design ensures that the valves function reliably even under extreme conditions.

The approval applies to both the standard valve head units of the instrumentation range as well as for the OS&Y design.

In this version belleville washers are used, which compensate for the linear expansion of the individual components and thus provide more reliability at the primary shut off.