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AS-Schneider introduces new monoflange manifold

Industrial valve specialist AS-Schneider has developed a new manifold especially for use on floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels.

The monoflange with dual double block and bleed function offers good operational reliability and minimum weight, which are both important in floating systems for extraction of crude oil and natural gas, the company says.

AS-Schneider originally developed the manifold as a solution for a company from the energy sector, which operated an FPSO vessel for offshore extraction of crude oil and natural gas.

The energy company wanted to make its measuring equipment more reliable by using two double block and bleed valves in series, while keeping the weight as low as possible.

A combination of two separate valves was ruled out owing to the great inherent weight and resulting susceptibility to vibrations.

AS-Schneider’s product designers set to find a way of mounting six valves – and therefore a dual double block and bleed function – in one valve body.

For this purpose they optimised the arrangement of the valves and the design of the connecting flow paths.

The result is a monoflange with six integral valves which weighs only slightly more than a normal standard flange.

The hook-up is therefore insensitive to oscillations and vibrations, and as only one valve body is required, the risk of leaks is also low.