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Armstrong Fluid Technology Introduces New Pump Manager

Fluid flow equipment manufacturer Armstrong Fluid Technology has introduced Pump Manager, a web based service which uses embedded intelligence and connectivity available through its technologically advanced new line of Design Envelope pumps to provide sustained performance and significantly improved reliability.

Delivered as a highly secure, cloud based application, Pump Manager boasts a number of key features:

Real time alerts and warnings mean operators have immediate knowledge of problems such as cavitation, broken couplings, excessive vibration or dead heading. The standard alerts include pumps operating ‘in-hand’, as well as excessive run hours which can impact energy consumption and availability.

Online trending and analysis of multiple parameters on single pumps or an aggregated basis for multiple pumps. These trends will help identify performance degradation and provide early indication of potential maintenance issues. This allows customers to take a predictive and proactive approach.

Pump Manager’s reports and summaries meanwhile, offer a simple and intuitive view of pump performance and key trends.

Subscribers to Pump Manager will have access to a number of value added elements, such as discounted spare parts, quarterly webinars highlighting best practices and other timely topics, as well as participation in a hosted community of Design Envelope pump users.

“With the introduction of our new Design Envelope offerings and Cloud-based Performance Management Service Solutions we are driving the next level of evolution in the marketplace by bringing together the elements of information and intelligence to provide context and insight in real-time,” said Lex van der Weerd, CEO of Armstrong. “With Pump Manager, customers can make informed decisions in real-time that improve energy and financial performance while ensuring the ongoing comfort and productivity of their tenants.”