Arca makes technical documentation for its products available ‘anytime, anywhere’

Arca onsite
Arca onsite

Arca is offering a unique new solution for accessing the technical documentation for its control valves.

Operation and maintenance personnel regularly need access to technical documentation and information for the systems and technologies they use, but as Arca point out: “Due to the experience with recurring documentation requests there is reason to doubt, if and to what extent this documentation is in the end available to the end user and especially the persons concerned (operating and maintenance personnel) when needed.”

Data sheets, operating instructions, schematics, approvals and test certificates are just some of the documents that need to be accessed by a range of site personnel on a regular basis.

To solve this issue, Arca has come up with an innovative, yet simple solution. The new Arca-Onsite software provides access to technical documentation for the company’s control valves. All valves shipped from the company now come equipped with a supplementary label, which through a QR-code allows direct access to the documentation for the valve in question.

Arca-Onsite will also be updated with the documentation for all modifications Arca makes to its range of valves, allowing all necessary documentation to be found in one simple place.

This information is also available for download from Arca’s website. 

Arca onsite