Aquatech introduces membrane process for zero liquid discharge and high recovery plants

Aquatech, a global water treatment solutions provider, has introduced the AquaR2RO membrane process designed for use in facilities requiring zero liquid discharge (ZLD) or very high recovery.

The AquaR2RO process features a configuration of membranes engineered to cost-effectively treat waters that are difficult to treat with conventional membranes processes.

Due to its distinctive design, AquaR2RO can tolerate feed characteristics that are high in organics, dissolved oil, and turbidity.

The process can provide high recovery while handling water with a high total dissolved solids (TDS) rate due to its ability to withstand higher than normal operating pressures.

The AquaR2RO process maximises recovery across the membrane system and minimises the volume of concentrate to be treated in the thermal-based ZLD with a brine concentrator and/or crystalliser.

In most cases, it can replace the brine concentrator, thus optimising the solution.

Aquatech says the AquaR2RO can achieve more than 98% recovery in some applications.

‘In a ZLD plant, thermal treatment generally contributes more than 50-70% of the total capital expenditure and 50% of operating expenditure if waste heat is not available. While scaling and fouling in a membrane process can be mitigated through properly designed pre-treatment, high TDS can be addressed only with membrane treatment,’ said C.K. Tiwari, Aquatech’s senior VP.

AquaR2RO is a well-suited solution for industries such as oil and gas, power generation, steel, pulp and paper, and where the feed water has high scaling or fouling potential.

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