Aquarius and VODA.ai combat non-revenue water

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Leak specialists Aquarius Spectrum have announced a strategic partnership with VODA.ai - a pioneer in artificial intelligence-driven pipe condition assessment and risk management.
This collaboration aims to deliver an integrated, holistic approach to addressing Non-Revenue Water (NRW) issues--empowering water utilities to enhance operational efficiency, optimise resource allocation and improve customer satisfaction.
“At AQS, we are committed to creating a robust eco-system partnership network where each partner contributes a crucial piece to solving the NRW puzzle. Our collaboration with VODA.ai reinforces our dedication to placing our customers – the water utilities – at the centre of our activities. By combining our strengths, we aim to provide comprehensive solutions that tackle NRW from all angles, ensuring a seamless and effective approach to water management,” said Koen Verweyen, CEO of AQS.
The partnership with VODA.ai is rooted in the companies’ shared commitment to customer-centric innovation. Both companies prioritise helping water utilities reduce NRW through unique and complementary technologies.
“An eco-system is only as strong as its weakest link; therefore, the choice of the eco-partner is of essence, I am convinced that partnering with VODA.ai, which shares the same customer-focused mindset and offers unique technological capabilities, is a correct strategic move for AQS to maximise value for our clients,” added Verweyen.
“AQS and VODA.ai’s partnership represents a significant step forward in water management technology. Together, we are not just solving today’s problems but paving the way for a smarter, more efficient, and sustainable future in water utility management. The synergy of our technologies ensures that 1+1 equals 11 in this case, providing unparalleled value to our clients,” said George Demosthenous, CEO of VODA.ai.
The combined solutions are designed to complement each other, enhancing the overall effectiveness of leak detection and prevention.
Newly identified leaks through AQS’s advanced acoustic correlating sensors will continuously feed into VODA.ai’s platform, providing fresh insights that empower utilities to make informed decisions promptly.

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