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Application submitted for Gibraltar’s first wastewater treatment plant

Owner of leading water and wastewater treatment technologies, Modern Water has submitted an application for planning permission to build Gibraltar’s first ever wastewater treatment plant.

Modern Water has said that according to the planning application, the estimated cost of the plant will be £25 million (€28.5 million).

Preliminary works that included basic design, survey and the Environmental Impact Assessment required for full planning and environmental approvals have already been carried out in Gibraltar.

Modern Water has collaborated with its UK-based joint venture partner NWG Commercial Services (Northumbrian Water) to ensure that even with restricted space, the new wastewater plant would have a particularly small carbon footprint.

Modern Water’s CEO Simon Humphry said, "This important step forward in planning marks the successful completion of our advance works contract. Together with our partners at Northumbrian Water, we continue to work very closely with the Government of Gibraltar to finalise the main Design, Build and Operate contract”.

Once the plant has been designed and built, Northumbrian Water will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of it for the next 20 years.