APA plans hydrogen ready transmission pipeline

APA Group plans to convert 43 km gas pipeline in Western Australia into a 100% hydrogen-ready transmission pipeline.
The Australian energy infrastructure company said it aimed to prove the capacity of the existing gas network to transport pure hydrogen or hydrogen blended with natural gas.
The $3 million (€2m) project at the Parmelia Gas Pipeline will cover three phases - research and testing of the material for embrittlement in the laboratory, development of safe operating guidelines, and full-scale testing on-site.
APA Group CEO and managing director Rob Wheals said: “As a proud Australian business, APA is excited to be bringing international best practice to Australia in this national first, which we expect will test and prove the capacity of the existing gas transmission pipeline network to transport hydrogen in pure form or blended with natural gas.
“With billions of dollars invested in gas infrastructure across the country, it makes sense to look at ways to use our existing energy infrastructure to support Australia’s transition to a low carbon future.”
Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre and Wollongong University will support APA in the engineering research.
APA will also work with the Western Australian government and the state’s Economic Regulation Authority during testing to demonstrate the safety of hydrogen transmission pipelines and support the development of Australian standards.

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