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Anton Paar announce new portable density meter

Austrian headquartered instrument specialist Anton Paar has announced the release of its new portable density meter, which needs only 2mL of sample to measure a range of substances. Alongside its portability, Anton Paar claims its new DMA 35 is also able to deliver density measurement results in a matter of seconds.

Filled by the device’s built-in hand pump, the DMA 35 carries out filling and cleaning as well as measurement. An integrated RFID interface allows sample containers to be identified before measurement, which should minimise costs and working time as well as make sure that all measured data are allocated to the correct sampling location. The included Bluetooth interface, meanwhile, allows operators to send the stored results to a computer or printer wirelessly to ensure perfect documentation of results.

The new sensor can measure a broad range of samples, from beer and wine to solvents and acids, and automatically compensates for the influence of temperature, reducing the need for extra calculations and the risk of user error.

For filling highly viscous or expensive samples, the instrument is placed in a stable position on the table and filled with a syringe from the top. For ease of use, the screen of the instrument rotates automatically. The lock-function of the pump meanwhile, avoids carryover of sample or cleaning liquid.

Fitted with a hard glass front, the density results of the DMA 35 are accurate to 0.001g/cm3 and the influence of viscosity is automatically corrected for.