Anglia Water embarks on plant upgrade to improve water quality

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Anglian Water has started work on a £3.6 million (€4.1 million) investment into Wittering Water Recycling Centre, which will see the installation of new phosphorous removal equipment, to further protect the local environment and improve river water quality.
This essential investment by Anglian Water, which began in June and is due to finish in December, forms part of the company’s Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP) between 2020-2025.
Anglian’s WINEP totals over £800 million (€924 million)  of work which is specifically targeted at protecting the environment and improving river water quality.
It is the largest WINEP plan of any water company, with double the number of commitments made and delivered in the previous five-year period.
The scheme will upgrade the site’s equipment to allow higher levels of phosphorous to be removed from wastewater. Phosphorous is widely used in soaps and cleaning products but can be harmful to wildlife when it enters the natural environment.
Too much phosphorous in river water causes excessive growth of algae. When the algae dies and decays it uses up oxygen in the water, taking it away from fish and the other vegetation living in the river.
Anglian Water has used detailed modelling of the local system to design a robust engineering scheme which will protect river water quality in Wittering and the local area for years to come. This work to remove phosphorous will protect local watercourses by ensuring that wastewater is treated to an even higher standard before being discharged into the environment.

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