ANDRITZ pumps secure water supply in Jordan

Pump supplier ANDRITZ has announced it supplied multi-stage axial split case and high-pressure ring section pumps to the Water Authority of Jordan.

The energy-efficient pumps were installed last year in the city of Amman, Jordan to secure water supply in the capital.

Securing and optimising water supply in Jordan is particularly critical, as 92% of the country is desert or desert-like landscape.

The country’s water supply system consumes approximately 15% of the total energy produced in Jordan, or around 2,000 GWh per year, much of which is used to pump water.

ANDRITZ was chosen to refurbish two key pumping stations – Lib and Wala – which help supply water to the city of Amman.

Six multi-stage axial split case pumps from the ASPM series were installed, increasing total capacity of the Lib pumping station to 2,500 cubic metres per hour.

The contract also included six high-pressure ring section pumps from the HP43 series for water distribution to the Madaba region. According to ANDRITZ, the new system will results in energy savings of up to 20%.

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