American Water subsidiary acquires West Virginian town’s water system

American Water subsidiary West Virginia American Water has completed its acquisition of the Town of Glasgow water system, located in Kanawha County in the US state of West Virginia.

The deal follows part emergency help form the company in the form of leak detection and system repairs for the distressed utility, which has historically experienced water loss of around 66%.

The Town of Glasgow, which serves around 300 customers along Route 60 in Kanawha County, has struggled to maintain adequate services for its customers in recent years. The town’s water system serves a declining population and industry, with substantial infrastructure upgrades needed to restore reliable water service.

West Virginia American Water has acquired the water system assets and set up an interconnection between the company’s water lines in Kanawha County and the town’s water system.

Under the agreement, the Town of Glasgow explained that customers will benefit by receiving more reliable water service as a result of improved operation and maintenance of the system and investments by West Virginia American Water.

"If not for the assistance of West Virginia American Water, the water system in Glasgow would have surely failed,” commented Glasgow Mayor Donald Fannin. “I feel that we have had about 40 years of Band-Aids to the system and that method of doing things is over. It is time for sustained investment and West Virginia American Water is the best option.”

"Dozens of water and wastewater systems across our state are in crisis due to lack of investment and maintenance as well as population decline," added Robert Burton, president of West Virginia American. "Many small towns and public service districts are unable to meet the demands of operations and costs associated with maintaining an adequate water distribution system.

“We have been pleased to work with Mayor Donald Fannin to provide a viable, sustainable solution for the Town of Glasgow that will ensure safe, reliable water service at reasonable rates. We look forward to serving the people of Glasgow."

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