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American Falls’ mixer transformation gets wastewater sludge on the move

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American Falls in Idaho is certainly no stranger to all things water. Almost a century ago, the entire town - nearly 350 residents and their homes, over 60 businesses, churches, schools, powerlines - and the entire railroad - had to move to make way for the American Falls Dam.
Today, American Falls’ population of 4,300 is served by a wastewater treatment centre that is the envy of most small towns in the US – a facility that in 2012 cost $15 million (12.8 million) to build.
All has largely been well at the four-stage process municipal plant, which treats 500,000 gallons a day.
The only obstacle in providing secondary treatment and disinfection of domestic and industrial wastes prior to discharging into the Snake River, has been with its submersible mixers.
This installation in Idaho very much disproves the rather dismissive notion that all mixers are the same.
Despite laborious problems with the mixers installed during the upgrade to an MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) plant with UV disinfection, water quality discharge from American Falls has been phenomenal.
The plant achieves 99.8% BOD and TSS removal – which is crucial for the...

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