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Amarinth supplies vertical pumps to UAE oil project

Centrifugal pumps designer and manufacturer Amarinth has been awarded an order to supply high-quality, bespoke API 610 VS4 vertical pumps to Cannon Bono Artes for use by ADCO in the Middle East.

The pumps will delivered as part of a produced oily water separator treatment package destined for the ADCO Rumaitha and Shanayel Phase 3 enhanced oil recovery project.

Rumaitha and Shanayel form part of the North East Bab (NEB) field located 31km southwest of Abu Dhabi City, United Arab Emirates.

NEB lies across the Abu Dhabi coastline in such a way that that Rumaitha and Shamayel are onshore but projects in these fields demand many offshore disciplines.

The four pumps, configured as two sets of two, were required on a tight 26-week delivery, a challenge that Amarinth was able to meet.

The quick delivery was achieved through the pumps’ modular design that can be configured to handle over 100,000 variants, quickly delivering a design for almost any depth or application requirement.

A range of standardised modules, consisting of assemblies and sub-assemblies which have already checked against mating parts for clashes using computer-aided design tools, ensures that any variant assembled from the modules fits together without issue.

This method of vertical pump design reduces the engineering time compared to the traditional approach of designing pumps for each application’s unique length and working parameters.

Oliver Brigginshaw, managing director at Amarinth, commented: “We are seeing an increase in projects placed by the Middle East oil and gas companies with European EPCs and so we are pleased to be delivering our long-standing expertise in offshore and onshore projects to Cannon BONO Artes for this important ADCO project.”