All-in-one FlowConnect delivers accurate and reliable automated flowmeter reading

With its ExactRead technology, the new all-in-one FlowConnect from McCrometer automates data collection for the Mc Propeller and Water Specialties meters to provide reliable information for water resource management.

Featuring a streamlined design, FlowConnect includes powerful next-generation built-in communications for transmitting accurate, reliable irrigation flow data.

The design eliminates cables, pole mounting, solar panel (optional), and other components, thus removing unnecessary costs and improving data quality by reducing opportunities for noise interference or cable damage.

FlowConnect’s intelligent ExactRead technology, available with the digital register option, ensures the flow reading on the meter’s register in the field and the data remotely viewed on the web are always the same.

Flow data is generated and transmitted directly from the meter register, so there is no communication of raw pulse data that can lead to confusion or guesswork.

Growers, irrigators and regulators will find that FlowConnect transforms the agricultural industry’s most popular flowmeters into wireless data collection tools for sustainable agriculture.

They can help reduce water consumption, optimise irrigation applications, ensure water billing accuracy, meet regulatory allocations, and more.

Manual irrigation data collection is expensive, time consuming, and prone to errors that can affect operational costs and profitability.

Automatic meter reading with FlowConnect provides dependable, affordable remote wireless access to flow data, including flow rates, totaliser readings, and daily, weekly, or seasonal water use records. 

The FlowConnect comes pre-installed when ordered with new Mc Propeller and Water Specialties flowmeters, and existing meters can be retrofit with FlowConnect in less than 30 minutes.

The FlowConnect system is housed in a rugged IP67 enclosure for operation in extreme environments from -30 to 70°C.

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