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Alicat adds new compatibility options to instrumentation range

Alicat Modbus TCPIP
Alicat Modbus TCPIP

Alicat Scientific has added Modbus TCP/IP compatibility to its line of mass flow, pressue and liquid instrumentation. The upgrade means that devices running the Modbus industrial automation protocol can be connected to Alicat instruments using an Ethernet cable.

Headquartered in Tuscon, Arizona, Alicat produces instruments to monitor and control process parameters in chemical, medical manufacturing and power industries. All the mass flow or pressure controller’s data, including mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure, temperature, selected gas calibration, setpoint, and totalised flow can be output to a central PLC running a compatible automation protocol. Users can also change setpoint or gas selection, and issue a range of other commands remotely.

The Modbus TCP/IP compatibility upgrade means that these features are now available in a Modbus intranet or internet environment, using the TCP/IP protocol.

As well as the new Modbus TCP/IP protocols, Alicat is also offering standard Modbus-RTU, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet and PROFIBUS communication options to fit new or existing systems.

Alicat systems are made to fit in the same place as a host of common industry mass flow controllers, for easy drop in replacement of older industrial units.


Alicat Modbus TCPIP