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Alfa Laval wins heat exchanger contract for US refinery

Alfa Laval, a specialist in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling, has won an order to supply compact heat exchangers to a refinery in the US. The order, booked in the Energy & Process segment, has a value of approximately SEK 80 million (€8.5 million). Delivery is scheduled for 2016.

The Alfa Laval compact heat exchangers will be used for heat recovery in the process where heavy crude oil is upgraded to ultra-low sulfur transportation fuels. Reusing heat in the oil refining process will maximise the energy efficiency.

'Oil refining is a very energy-intensive process. By using our efficient compact heat exchangers the producer can save energy and thereby improve their bottom-line,' says Lars Renström, president and CEO of the Alfa Laval Group.

According to EIA, the US production of crude oil is estimated to increase by 47% between 2012 and 2019 - or from 6.5 million barrels of oil per day to 9.6 million.