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Albin Pumps introduces peristaltic pumps featuring new CIP wheel

Albin peristaltic hose pump with the CIP wheel
Albin peristaltic hose pump with the CIP wheel

French pump manufacturer Albin Pump’s ALH peristaltic hose pump series is now available with an optional clean-in-place (CIP) wheel designed to save time and money during cleaning operations.

By reversing the direction of pump rotation, the CIP wheel allows users to retract the shoes automatically in order to clean and sterilise the pump, without disassembly.

This helps the user save time and keep the highest level of functionality in the process.

The design uses a minimum number of moving parts and requires a minimum amount of maintenance, all to guarantee a maximum amount of function and production time, the company says.

The Albin peristaltic pumps are used for the transfer of all types of fluids, including viscous, abrasive, corrosive, and fibrous media with particles.

The pumps are low-shear and maintain a high level of hygiene, as only the inner part of the hose is in contact with the pumped fluid.

The food grade hoses are available in EPDM FDA,  NBR FDA, and NR FDA and meet the certifications EC 1935/2004 and FDA CFR21§177.2600.

The internal surface of the hose is white (NR FDA and EPDM FDA) or black (NBR FDA), according to the pumped fluid.

The CIP wheel is available on several models, for flows from 0.5 up to 10m3/h and where the maximum discharge pressure can reach 15 bar.

Albin peristaltic pumps are seal-less and can run dry without damage.

Albin peristaltic hose pump with the CIP wheel