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Aker BP, Framo ink maintenance contract for seawater lift pumps

Aker BP and Framo have entered into a long-term maintenance contract for seawater lift pumps where compensation is directly linked to facility uptime.

In 2018, in partnership with Cognite, the two companies launched a digital pilot project for predictive maintenance of the seawater lift pumps on the Aker BP-operated Ivar Aasen field in the Norwegian North Sea.

Following the success of the pilot project, the two companies have signed a maintenance contract that covers all five field centres where Aker BP is operator.

“A considerable effort has been made on the part of Aker BP and Framo to establish a full-fledged smart contract,” commented Aker BP head of operations and field development Kjetel Digre. “The contract represents a huge step within digitalisation and predictive maintenance. Going forward, algorithms and sensor data will help us to increase uptime and reduce maintenance on our seawater lift pumps.”

The contract marks a new milestone for Aker BP and Framo; Aker BP’s smart contracts are performance-based model agreements, where compensation is determined by the systems’ reliability and performance.

“Cooperation with Cognite and sharing data have been essential in arriving at algorithms, digital dashboards and an incentive model that ensures value for both Aker BP and Framo,” Digre continued. “This way of working is in line with Aker BP’s strategy of creating added value together with strategic partners.”

Since the first smart contract was signed in 2018, large volumes of data have been sent back to the mainland. This marked the start of a new collaboration with Aker BP, Framo and Cognite working together as a joint project team.

Digital dashboards have now been developed based on sensor data from Cognite Data Fusion and algorithms from Framo.

“Basing contract models on real-time data has been uncharted territory,” added Framo Services managing director Trond Petter Abrahamsen. “With the release of these data flows, Framo has been able to predict the condition of equipment, foresee what will happen with the pumps in the future, and in turn plan effective maintenance. Together with Aker BP, we have altered the traditional approach to maintenance. We are now continuing this cooperation into the future and over to other fields.”