Agreement reached to drive expanded water network coverage

The Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) has formed a new strategic liaison with the LoRa Alliance to advance “smart”, data-driven solutions in water networks.
This agreement will build off of each organisation’s membership pool and promote Internet of Things deployments for smart network coverage.
As LoRaWAN technology further expands its global footprint, utilities — and water metering in particular — remain the leading application for low power wide area networking technologies and will occupy the largest market segment over the next five years.
“Given the significant market opportunity, our two organisations will work together to drive a number of marketing initiatives with members,” said Donna Moore, CEO and chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance. “This work will strengthen the ecosystem and bring valuable solutions to utility companies and public utilities’ end customers across the globe.”
The benefits that IoT and LoRaWAN connectivity can bring to the water metering market are significant.
LoRaWAN’s ability to communicate over long distances and through barriers (concrete, underground) at low cost per connection make it ideal for metering applications.
A key applications for utilities includes access to real-time data, which enables leak identification, conserves natural resources and saves end-users money.
Additionally, utilities can monitor water quality to ensure consumer safety, provide proper water distribution, plan for water availability through peak periods, and conduct billing management.
LoRaWAN ambassador Gary Stuebing, from member company Cisco, added: “As water metering is one of the leading use cases for LoRaWAN, there is a strong value proposition for utilities to benefit from this liaison between the two ecosystems to enhance the digitization of water utilities.”

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