Afriso releases non-invasive ultrasonic level switch

German measuring and control specialist Afriso has launched its latest ultrasonic level switch, the SonarFox USG 20.

The measuring principle of the level switch is based on ultrasonic technology, which has so far been primarily used in costly, high-end medical equipment.

The level switch allows for non-invasive measurement from the outside through the walls of plastic tanks or pipes.

The SonarFox USG 20 is designed for detecting limit levels and monitoring liquids in tanks or pipes with a maximum dynamic viscosity of 10,000 mPa-s.

It is well-suited for applications in which vibration level switches cannot be used due to the interfering contour ‘vibration fork’.

As the device is flush with the inside wall of the tank or the pipe, it has no interfering contours and is suitable for use in pipes with small cross-sections, for example as overflow protection or dry run protection.

The measuring instrument can also be used in hygienic processes, since unlike vibration level switches, USG 20 is piggable so that it can be used as a measuring point in systems with CIP or SIP.

USG 20 is available with a wide range of process connections, including G1/2, G3/4, G1, Tri-Clamp, dairy fitting, VARIVENT, and weld-in socket, and compatible mechanical and electrical connections enable easy retrofitting and replacement of vibration level switches with vibration forks.

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