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Affinity Water beats five-year leakage target

Affinity Water has announced it has met its leakage reduction target and has also achieved the water industry’s largest percentage leakage reduction of 15% - for the five years to March 2020.
The UK company also achieved the lowest ever levels of leakage for 2019/2020, reflecting the company’s investment and innovation in this area.
Acknowledging that leakage is still a serious issue and one that customers care about; Affinity Water is now targeting a further 20% leakage reduction by 2025.
Pauline Walsh, CEO of Affinity Water, said: “I am proud to announce that we have met our leakage reduction target.
“We did this through a major transformation programme, better use of data, investing in the latest technologies, innovating to improve our productivity and working closely with other companies to share ideas and best practice.
“With climate change, a growing population and our commitment to take less water from the environment, we are determined to do more. We want to drive our leakage levels down even further and are targeting a 20% reduction by 2025, with an ambition to achieve world class levels by 2040.”
Affinity Water has introduced step-testing, which allows engineers to systematically work through districts and streets, using monitoring and isolation techniques to more effectively target areas suffering from water leaks.
Finding leaks on plastic pipes has been a challenge for the water sector for many years. Traditional methods for detecting leaks used on metal pipes do not work as well on plastic pipes as the sound generated by the leak is virtually silent.
However, Affinity Water is using state of the art high frequency correlators by Engima and Gutermann, which allows engineers to pinpoint leaks quicker with greater accuracy and efficiency, especially on plastic pipes.