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Aeration tank organic overload resolved with new mixers

The introduction of five Landia mixers has brought improvements to the biological and dewatering processes at a wastewater treatment plant in Pennsylvania.

Serving six municipalities in Northern Northumberland County, the new-look Milton Regional Sewer Authority (MRSA) wastewater treatment plant has been designed so it is powered by anaerobic treatment of wastewater from the nearby ConAgra food facility.

During the design of the upgraded plant, demand for ConAgra products had led to an increase in its production, which in turn created an organic overload in the treatment plant’s aeration tanks.

And due to the anticipated removal of ConAgra’s settling processes, the strength of the food producers’ wastewater was expected to rise by up to one third.

Seeking a cost-effective wastewater treatment solution that would also resolve high sludge disposal charges and mounting energy costs, plant operators at Milton saw the opportunity for anaerobic pre-treatment. This would not only reduce the load on the aeration tanks, but also provide renewable energy in the form of biogas.

Two full-scale 7.5 million-gallon...

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