Adding practicality to protective products

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Organisations involved in the transportation and storage of volatile or hazardous liquids face stringent legislative controls to ensure people, products, and the planet are protected from accidents and harmful emissions.
The transportation and storage of flammable liquids or gases can pose a significant risk to both people and the environment, so for almost 100 years, Protectoseal has been working to provide the industry with highly dependable, safety-critical products, including flame arresters, valves and vents that help operators undertake their work safely and with ease and efficiency.
Protectoseal was established in 1925 and is based in Bensenville, Illinois, US. The company designs and manufactures industrial safety products used to control pressures and vacuums in liquid storage tank applications, including protection from flames and detonations involving flammable gases and explosive vapours.
The company’s safety-critical products are manufactured in accordance with relevant international standards and are used in a wide range of industries. The experienced technical team works closely with a global customer base to design cost-effective solutions...

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