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Achieving uncompromised quality in high-purity chemical production

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Their names sound like sinister creations that would spring from the evil mind of a mad scientist in a futuristic novel or movie - hexafluorochloride, dexamethasone, germanium and cadmium telluride.
In reality, they are among the many chemical ingredients that are indispensable foundational components in the manufacture of commodities such as semiconductors.
The main concern for the manufacturers of these so-called ‘high-purity’ chemicals is not trying to pronounce their names or remembering how to spell them, but ensuring that they are produced in a manner that guarantees the highest level of purity.
When these chemicals are not manufactured according to strict specifications for purity, nightmarish scenarios can result that are worthy of a science-fiction novel or movie for both the manufacturer and the end-user.
With that in mind, this white paper illustrates how one type of pumping technology – solid-body plastic, air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps – possesses the design, construction and operational characteristics that are necessary to guarantee the high-purity manufacture of chemicals while also offering the ultimate level of...

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