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Achieving in-situ flowmeter calibration utopia

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Multiphase flowmeters (MFMs) have opened the door to the development of marginal assets and have helped to promote more efficient exploitation of larger fields.
As a multiphase meter can eliminate the need for a test separator, which are big and difficult to maintain, smaller platforms are possible.
Existing facilities can also be upgraded to take subsea tie-backs without having to add an extra test separator. Indeed, the test separator may be reused as an additional production separator to cope with the extra production.
MFMs also give continuous measurements, allowing better reservoir management, well optimisation, and a quick response to water break-through and similar events. Additionally, having a subsea multiphase meter on each wellhead can facilitate increased production, minimise flow assurance issues and can help to enhance the reservoir recovery factor.

Remote fields

The ability to provide real-time flow measurement will lead to a greater uptake in MFMs worldwide.
However, due to the costs required to send them back to facilities for calibration, the challenges of validating them in-situ...

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