Achieving higher efficiencies in natural gas sector with AST flow measurements

Adaptive Sensing Technology  (AST) from Fluid Components International (FCI) can help those responsible for the extraction, processing or sub metering of natural gas achieve higher efficiencies at lower costs.
The accurate, reliable measurement of natural gas is critical in a wide range of industrial processes and manufacturing applications.
During oil extraction, refining, transport and storage, it is sometimes necessary to flare off excess gas at the well-head.
This can also be done later on during the separation process to remove water and contaminants, or aboard LNG vessels or at land-based storage facilities and distribution depots.
Many manufacturing and processing industries, as well as large commercial buildings and campuses, also rely on natural gas as a fuel source to power boilers, burners, dryers, engines, furnaces, generators, kilns and more.
Controlling natural gas costs is critical to product quality, competitiveness and profits.
FCI’s green-friendly AST thermal flowmeters help process and plant operation engineers in these industries conserve natural gas resources by measuring it more accurately and consistently with an innovative, patent-pending flow meter hybrid sensor drive.
This measuring technique combines both of the industry’s highly proven constant power (CP) and constant temperature (CT) thermal dispersion sensing technologies in one flow meter.
AST thermal flowmeters measure in CT mode during start-up and through the lower flow ranges, and will then seamlessly shift into CP mode at mid-range and higher flow rates.
The result is AST achieves a best of both technologies performance level to deliver extremely fast response with extended measuring ranges at low power.

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