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ABB wins multi-million pound supply contract with Thames Water

ABB Measurement & Analytics in the UK has won a new multi-million pound framework agreement with Thames Water to supply its biggest ever offering of instrumentation equipment.

The framework will see ABB offering an expanded range of products to its previous supply of pressure instrumentation and electromagnetic flowmeters, with the addition of clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters and borehole level transmitters.

As well as equipment sourced from Katronic and Impress, ABB will also be supplying thermal mass and swirl flowmeters for use in applications including gas and biogas lines at Thames Water’s sewage treatment and thermal hydrolysis plants (THP) process digesters. 

ABB’s track record as Thames Water’s framework supplier of flow and pressure instrumentation was a major factor in it being awarded the extended framework. 

‘ABB has been a supplier to Thames Water for over 20 years, supplying battery and mains electromagnetic and Coriolis flowmeters and gauge, absolute, and differential pressure transmitters for use across the company’s distribution network and treatment works,’ says Steve Wilding, field sales manager for ABB Measurement & Analytics in the UK and Ireland.

As the largest water and wastewater service provider in England, with over 13 million customers in London and the surrounding counties, Thames Water has set itself key targets in line with the outcomes focused approach set by Ofwat for AMP6.

These include ensuring the continued performance of its water distribution network, minimising interruptions to supply caused by factors such as pressure problems and leakage, and ensuring the continued quality of the potable water supply. 

‘The emphasis on whole life costing and the focus on outcomes imposed by Ofwat for AMP6 puts the onus on the UK’s water companies to have the most accurate picture of what’s happening across their networks,’ says Wilding.