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ABB supports critical infrastructure rebuilding in Beirut

The aftermath of the explosion
The aftermath of the explosion
ABB has donated products and solutions to secure the power infrastructure in Beirut following the devastating explosion in August.
Major hospitals and a school in the Lebanese capital have received products and solutions from ABB to restore and accelerate reconstruction efforts as the city rebuilds its civil society.
Mike Mustapha, head of global markets for ABB Electrification, said: “As a company that supports building safe and sustainable communities in the countries in which we operate, it is our duty to provide impactful support to help rebuild the infrastructure in Beirut, ensuring a reliable power supply for these critical services.”
Working with ABB’s local partner, Harb Electric, the donations included a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) System for each hospital, along with various smart power equipment and energy distribution solutions.
The UPS and smart power components were supplied as a holistic solution from ABB to future proof the electrical and power infrastructure of the hospitals in the event of blackouts.
ABB donations of electrical equipment and systems have also gone to the Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui – UMC and the Quarantine Government Hospital.
Many of the components will also be used in a school to fit and replace the ageing electrical infrastructure which was almost completely destroyed in the blast. ABB smart power and distribution components will assure safety of the electrical supply from source to switch, providing a secure and comfortable environment for pupils and teaching staff in time for the next school year.
Several public buildings including 159 schools and several hospitals were damaged or destroyed in the blast that occurred on August 4. More than 6,500 people were injured, while the homes of 300,000 people were damaged or destroyed.
The aftermath of the explosion