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ABB releases new flowmeter for oil and gas upstream sector

ABB, a power and automation technology group, has launched a new multi-phase flowmeter for measuring real-time production in the oil and gas upstream sector.

The Vega Isokinetic Sampling (VIS) multi-phase flowmeter is designed for monitoring the flow rates of produced oil, gas and water close to the wellhead. VIS allows the measurement of three different phases at the same time.
VIS is based on a patented technology - the isokinetic sampling method that allows the withdrawal of a small representative portion of the main stream and separation into the different.

The VIS multi-phase flowmeter has been developed in collaboration with TEA Sistemi, a research company active in the upstream oil and gas sector based in Italy, and is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the oil and gas sectors, including well testing, production monitoring, production allocation and reservoir management.

Unlike traditional multi-phase solutions, the ABB VIS is radioactive-free. This is important when dealing with shipping, handling, commissioning and decommissioning procedures. It also important when applying for import and export permits and with any maintenance action performed on the device.

The flowmeter has no size limitations and can be applied to all the usual pipe dimensions. In addition, the design can be customised in order to increase the gas turndown up to 100:1. The largest turndown ratio for this application available on the market.