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A flexible vacuum mixing unit accepts a great variety of containers

Fullbrooks Dispermat CHS30 vacuum mixing system
Fullbrooks Dispermat CHS30 vacuum mixing system

Laboratory instrumentation specialist Fullbrook Systems has introduced a new vacuum dispersion and mixing system offering high flexibility into its range of offered products.

The range of Dispermat CHS vacuum systems, manufactured by VMA-Getzmann, is well-suited for small batches and sample production where vacuum is required.

Unlike many other vacuum dispensers, the Dispermat system offers great versatility as it is designed to accept single wall pails, buckets, and non-standard and custom containers.

This means that materials can be processed without the need for dedicated vacuum containers, significantly reducing the time associated with handling and cleaning.

Suitable containers can be secured in the vacuum system quickly and easily in just a few simple steps.

Users place the container on the mobile system trolley, after which a top-mounted fixing ring is screwed into place to securely hold the container.

The vacuum cylinder is then placed over the container whilst the assembled vacuum system is positioned underneath the powerful Dispermat AE pilot plant vacuum dissolver, ready for the dispersion process to begin.

The dissolver disc is height-adjustable even with the cover in place, which allows the blade to be positioned at the perfect height to ensure that addition of powders can be made to the batch under optimum conditions.

This allows for the ideal dispersion conditions to be achieved which are typically indicated by a slow, rolling product flow (“doughnut effect”).

The complete process and the product under vacuum are able to be observed by the operator through a large viewing glass in the vacuum cover and a powerful LED lamp can be added as an option.

A vacuum can be pulled on the product at any stage, either during dispersion or at the end of the process and an optional wall scraper is available so that high-viscosity and thixotropic products can be dispersed easily.

The high torque scraper system motor is mounted on the top of the vacuum cover and can be adjusted using the control panel.  

The solid scraper arm within the vacuum container effectively removes any product residue which is sticking on the container wall and folds it back into the dispersion process.

For temperature-sensitive applications, an optional PT100 probe enables operators to control temperature as required.

At the end of the dispersion process, the container is simply released and removed with the finished de-aerated and dispersed product held in its own container, so no transfer or cleaning is required.

The Dispermat CHS30 accepts 30l containers but is also available for container volumes up to 60l. An explosion-proof ATEX certified version is also available.

Dispermat CHS vacuum dispersion and mixing systems are well-suited for smaller batch applications across a wide range of industry sectors, such as chemicals, additives, paints, varnishes, pigments, printing inks, powder coatings, and plastics.

Fullbrooks Dispermat CHS30 vacuum mixing system