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Increasing use of multi-screw pumps in modern industry

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The adoption of multi-screw pumps has increased exponentially over the past five years or so, with the consumption volume rising from 146,000 units in 2015 to 202,000 units this year.
This rapid rise has been fuelled by a number of factors, including major growth in the industries of end users, such as power generation, food and beverage, and chemical and petrochemicals. Other reasons include the modernisation of the water and wastewater industries, the use of these pumps in hydraulic fracturing, and the sustained rise of urbanisation and industrialisation in the developing world.
In addition to increasing demand, there is also a growing awareness and understanding of the advantages of multi-screw pump technology.
Indeed, these technologies have benefited from significant improvements, including new designs and the ability to machine within tighter tolerances.
Specialised products have also become available with varying levels of performance for a range of specific applications.

The advantages of multi-screw pumps

Multi screw pumps provide a wide range of advantages across their various applications....

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