New IoT acoustic leak detection sensor

Aquarius Spectrum has launched its new AQSense-Edge series of Cat-M/NB-IoT correlating sensors.
This represents the next generation in the company’s AQSense Fixed Sensors, a product range designed for continuous pipe monitoring.
For over 12 years, Aquarius Spectrum has spearheaded development of innovative systems for the water industry, enabling water utilities to proactively monitor their water distribution network and pinpoint background leaks at an early stage before they surface.
Naama Zeldis, CEO of Aquarius Spectrum, said: “Aquarius is extremely proud to be at the forefront of technological innovation in the water industry for over 12 years, and we are excited to be cooperating with leading water utilities in all five continents, driving forward our vision of digital water transformation.
“We bring superior solutions that address all types of water infrastructure. With a deployment of more than 10,000 acoustic sensors, we can declare with confidence that our solutions provide the most efficient and accurate results.
"We are delighted with the continued trust placed in us by our existing and new customers, both in the company and its cutting-edge line of acoustic water leak detection products, and we will continue to develop innovative solutions that provides customers with excellent ROI and customer experience."
The new sensor supports all water supply pipe materials and diameters, distribution and transmission, and boasts the additional advantage of offering extensive coverage with fewer sensors – typically up to three sensors per 1 km of piping."

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