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It’s all about safety

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Oil and gas is one of the most hazardous sectors of industry. The combination of potentially flammable gases and liquids with complex processes, often at high pressures and temperatures, can lead to serious accidents.
Valve actuators, which link the process to the control system, are key to safe and reliable operation in both oil and gas production and downstream processing. What features and functionalities does a modern electric actuator need to meet the challenging requirements of oil and gas applications – both today and in the future?
AUMA has been looking hard at this question, building on more than 50 years of experience in this sector.
The result of this analysis is AUMA’s new TIGRON actuator series. Offering a combination of enhanced safety, robust design, high performance and ease of operation, TIGRON is designed to meet the exacting requirements of the global oil and gas industry.
Exceptional safety is a given
Given its importance to the oil and gas sector, it is not a surprise to find safety at the heart of this new actuator.
TIGRON has ATEX and International Electrotechnical System for Certification...

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