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Wastewater treatment solution provided at new Welsh visitor centre

The work in progress earlier in the summer
The work in progress earlier in the summer
Siltbuster Process Solutions (SPS) provided a wastewater treatment solution for Welsh Water at its visitor centre while a new plant gets built.
The original wastewater treatment works would not have been capable of treating the increased amount of wastewater produced when the refurbished visitor centre in the Llys y Frȃn Country Park Reservoir is completed.
Young Bros (YB), the leading civil engineering contractor, is responsible for demolishing the works and constructing a Rotating Biological Contractor in its place. However, this cannot be built alongside the existing works, due to the lack of space, so YB tasked SPS with providing a temporary solution to treat the water generated on site.
SPS designed and installed a bespoke solution that primarily consisted of two HB20 units, tasked with separating suspended solids and associated organic matter from the waste stream, and an MBBR10, which provides the biological treatment stage. The solution also incorporates Clarity - Siltbuster’s new online, real-time water quality and monitoring system.
This gives YB an accurate overview of how effectively the system is working and provides a text-warning...

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The work in progress earlier in the summer