5m long Landia pump bound for farm-based plant in Ireland

Landia has manufactured one of its longest long-shaft chopper pumps - for a slurry pit that is 5.25m deep - for a biogas plant in Ireland.
The order was won by DPS Ltd, Landia’s distributor for Ireland and Northern Ireland. It will see the the pump used in a reception pit, where it will blend cow slurry with other imported media, before pumping it onwards to the primary digester.
DPS General Manager Austin Kennedy said: “The application is very challenging and would normally require an external tractor-mounted agitator and separate means of conveying the feedstock. But with the Landia solution, effective mixing and trouble-free pumping is achieved with just the one unit, therefore reducing capital expenditure, operating costs and maintenance time.”
Designed with its inlet on top of the impeller housing, the Landia Long-Shaft Chopper Pump benefits from having its fan-cooled motor mounted at the opposite end of the drive shaft, outside the slurry.
This Ireland-bound pump does not hold the record though for the longest ever Landia long-shaft chopper pump. That particular accolade goes to a unit supplied for eastern Europe in 2009, which was over 7m long.

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