3P expands thermoplastic range with material for cryogenic valves

3P – Performance Plastics Products has invested in developing its Xytrex range of thermoplastics materials, which are widely used in fluid handling systems. The new product, which is known as Xytrex® 480, or X480, can be used in cryogenic applications.

"We are very proud of this development, which has overcome the problems our customers meet in cryogenic applications,” said Séverine Pujol, fluid handling systems market manager, who is also responsible for the Xytrex product line development. “While we can go as low as -200°C (-320 F) compared to -255°C (- 427F) with PCTFE, the parts based on X480 are easily used even at 250°C (+480F). What's even more important is that X480 valve seats withstand higher pressure. Finally, customers can choose between two solutions optimised whether for pressure or medium."

To ensure industrial availability, 3P’s innovation and development teams have focused on transforming distinct grades of polymer.

"In addition to cryogenic temperatures, we wanted a large range of properties such as chemical resistance, durability and toughness, this is why we focused on PEEK," added Pujol. "We identified the requested behaviour in PEEK grade and specified the polymer with promising performance at ultra-low temperatures. Our 25 years’ experience in PEEK transformation eventually achieved the solution with a process displaying these properties."

The new X480 was unveiled during Achema 2018 and has been tested by a range of partners in the valve industry since then, receiving positive feedback. The main target applications for the material are cryogenic valves, as well as pumps for original equipment manufacturers or processors and operators in any cryogenic application.

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