Apr 14, 2020
Butterfly Valve that flitters above the rest
Apr 3, 2020
The plunge in oil prices have hit the upstream sector hard. Cuts are being made across the industry that will have a dramatic impact on the industry’s project pipeline. Global natural resources consultancy Wood Mackenzie believes almost all pre-final investment decisions (FID) on projects will be deferred. And of the 50 or so projects identified with potential to go... [Read More]

Mar 30, 2020
University researchers have developed a new physical model to simulate the behaviour of fluids moving through pipes. Scientists at the Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo discovered that by including the possibility of shear-induced bubble formation, they found that, contrary to the assumptions of many previous works, fluids can experience significant... [Read More]

Mar 20, 2020
Garlock's Jim Drago explains how the raised surface profile of PTFE sheet gasket helped a midstream oil and gas processor address leaky pipes Bolted flange-gasket connections in process piping systems are common and given little thought – unless they start to leak. Chronic leakage proved to be an issue for one of our clients, a midstream oil and gas processor and services... [Read More]

Mar 18, 2020
The introduction of five Landia mixers has brought improvements to the biological and dewatering processes at a wastewater treatment plant in Pennsylvania. Serving six municipalities in Northern Northumberland County, the new-look Milton Regional Sewer Authority (MRSA) wastewater treatment plant has been designed so it is powered by anaerobic treatment of wastewater... [Read More]

Mar 17, 2020
Efficient sludge pumping has an important role to play as water companies gear up for zero carbon, says Mick Dawson, consultancy director of BHR Group, who urges designers and operators to better understand their sludge systems. More efficient pumping of sludge could help water companies in England reach their goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2030, along with meeting... [Read More]

Mar 10, 2020
The first flexible pipes were used in the offshore oil and gas industry in 1972. These early models were built and applied as a ‘kill and choke’ line and formed with a bonded type of material, usually vulcanised rubber and armouring. Since then, the demands for this technology have steadily grown and diversified. Today, they are found in every major production basin... [Read More]

Feb 27, 2020
When replacing a single fluid system component, it is important to remember that the replacement costs encompass more than just the price of the part. There are the internal costs of procurement, installation and maintenance. In addition, the productivity loss that results when equipment must be shut down during maintenance is also an expense. Though the overall safety... [Read More]

Dec 10, 2019
Pressure on leakage levels coming from UK water industry regulators is creating noise in the UK leak location technology market, says David Frost, managing director of Servelec Technologies, which has recently acquired pinpoint leak detection specialist Primayer. The scale of leak reduction required by water companies in England and Wales in AMP7 is sharpening strategies... [Read More]

Nov 20, 2019
Ray Mouw, business development manager at Morgan Advanced Materials’ Technical Ceramics business, explains why magnesia stabilised zirconia ceramic components will be vital for pumps that work in harsh environments, such as oil and gas, and crude oil extraction. It goes without saying that crude oil is a valuable, or perhaps more accurately an invaluable product,... [Read More]

Sep 11, 2019
Maintaining subsea pipelines is a crucial process to keep operations flowing. It is paramount for both the safety of offshore operations and the upkeep of legal regulations. It’s important therefore for the equipment used in the flow assurance process to be accurate and reliable. Not only does it need to find any integrity issues, but ideally, it must do so without disrupting... [Read More]

Jul 11, 2019
A Colorado energy producer is taking advantage of new Coriolis mass flowmeter technology that ensures both stable and uninterrupted measurements of oil with high gas content. The new meter is cost-effective, rugged and reliable technology that helps them meet investors’ needs for accurate and reliable well allocation measurement information. Independent energy company... [Read More]

May 7, 2019
In today’s refinery environment of constantly changing crude oil availability and pricing, producers’ task of maintaining or increasing capacity while reducing costs becomes ever more complex. As operators navigate the road to greater efficiency and profitability, they depend on receiving consistently accurate process measurement data in all applications. In this... [Read More]

Nov 10, 2017
Steve Schofield, director and CEO of the British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA), provides an overview of the ‘contentious’ Radio Equipment Directive. The Radio Equipment Directive supersedes the former R&TTE (Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment) directive and determines that all and any products that are equipped or combined with a device... [Read More]

Oct 25, 2017
Like a number of small islands in the Maldives, Velaa is completely dependent on fuel shipped in. This is stored in overground tanks before being used to refuel boats and power generators producing energy for the entire island. The island was recently bought by a Czech entrepreneur, and was relying on antiquated equipment and piping. KPS was approached to provide a reliable... [Read More]

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