Bredel pumps flourish at UK fuel stations

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According to a case study, the Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group’s (WMFTG) Bredel hose pumps was used by a leading provider to the environmental and industrial sectors to solve an increasing number of sewerage issues at their UK fuel stations.

The provider in question, environmental clean-up supplier Adler & Allan, noted underlying issues with tank capacity in UK fuel stations, particularly those surrounded by non-fuel services, such as hotels and food outlets.

Consequently, because of the growth of these non-fuel services, the increased volume of visitors often meant that the septic tank originally installed for only the fuel station, was under capacity.

Outlined in the case study, engineers representing Adler & Allan became familiar with WMFTG’s Bredel hose pumps at several chemical processing plants. The case study quotes one chemical company as stating, “Bredel is the only pump we do not have problems with.”

Following this, Adler & Allan decided to use the Bredel hose pump in a trial run across several contracted UK fuel stations, emptying various septic tanks.

WMFTG claims that the Bredel 50 hose pump’s suction lift of 3 to 4m with typical tank sizes of 3,000 to 5,000 litres ensured success in the trial run. The lack of rotor or diaphragm means that the Bredel pumps can avoid issues such as ragging.

The pumps typically run intermittently at 10rpm providing flow rates of around 29 litre/minute to handle solids. Hi-lo tank level float switches determine when the pump operates to remove effluent from the septic tank and transfer it up to 50 metres away to the mains sewerage pipe.