Strategic partnership aims to boost accuracy and efficiency of LNG custody transfer

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation and leading Australasian engineering consultancy Synertec have embarked on a strategic partnership ‘to meet global demand for more accurate and efficient LNG custody transfer.”

Currently, LNG custody transfer in invoiced based on a calculation of volume, density and gross calorific value. Measurement inaccuracies have a significant financial impact for both importers and exporters. According to a statement from Trelleborg, a one percent error in LNG transferred can result in ‘a significant loss’ of revenue due to misallocation during custody transfer.

The new agreement will see Trelleborg distribute Synertec’s custody transfer system across its global sales network. Synertec’s system is ISO 6974, ISO 8943 and CIIGNL (2017) compliant, and aims to ensure the precise measurement of loaded LNG.

Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg’s marine systems operation, said: “With more LNG capacity coming on stream year on year, we are seeing increasing demand not just for large scale transportation of cargoes but also for more FSRU applications and, of course, the growth of LNG fuelling for marine vessels. All of these applications have one key requirement in common - the safe, efficient and timely transfer of LNG from one tank system to another.

“One key critical element in achieving this is the interface between ship and port, on land and at sea – a space that like Trelleborg, Synertec specializes within. The ship to shore interface demands that we, across the industry, come together and use all of our skills and talents as technologists and innovators to make it happen, which is exactly what our strategic partnership with Synertec aims to do.

“There are clear synergies between the two companies, from our combined technical expertise to our shared commitment to optimizing the interface, which is critical to supporting the business model of every transfer operation. Working with Synertec, we’re able to provide our customers across the globe with an enhanced LNG transfer operation that does exactly that.”