TechnipFMC launches new platform for offshore products

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April 27, TechnipFMC announced the launch of Subsea 2.0, a product platform intended to make subsea projects simpler, leaner and smarter. When combined with iEPCI (the company’s integrated approach to field architecture and project execution), Subsea 2.0 is meant to improve project economics and unlock first oil and gas more quickly.

Subsea 2.0 is a product platform made up of six core products designed by combining field-proven and new technologies. The core products include the compact tree, compact manifold, flexible jumpers, distribution, controls and horizontal connectors. The company says that the products achieve up to a 50% reduction in size, weight and part count, while maintaining the same or better functionality.

TechnipFMC iEPCI integrates front-end design and life of field to streamline project execution.

The company has invested heavily in the research and development of Subsea 2.0 and designed it specifically to accommodate iEPCI. The product platform has also been standardised at the component level for configuration to client needs and optimised to improve performance over the life of the field. This new ‘configure to order’ model was formulated to reduce manual activities during the production process by 70%-90%, reducing hardware delivery time.

Brad Beitler, executive vice president of Technology and R&D at TechnipFMC, said that Subsea 2.0 was a ‘transformative step’ for the company’s vision to enhance the performance in the global energy industry.

“Subsea 2.0 fundamentally redefines the norms for subsea products in terms of size, weight, modularity, standardisation, cycle time, installability and costs,” said Paulo Couto, senior vice president of Integrated Sub-Systems at TechnipFMC.

TechnipFMC says that it has incorporated Subsea 2.0 elements into several ongoing projects, including Shell’s Kaikias subsea development, which sits in the Gulf of Mexico and is a tieback to the Ursa tension-leg platform.

Subsea 2.0 products are compatible with tiebacks, brownfields and greenfield projects. Additional products are in development and will be added to the product platform as they become available.