Mechanical seal or gland packing? An AESSEAL webinar has the answer

AESSEAL's Chris Dean
AESSEAL's Chris Dean

AESSEAL will be delivering a webinar on the cost and energy benefits of mechanical seals on 18 April, at 2:30pm -3:30pm BST.

Hosted by Fluid Handling International, the webinar will be presented by Chris Dean, Technical Training Manager at AESSEAL. He will discuss the pros and cons around the use of gland packing, and why you might want to switch to mechanical seals.

An expert in his field, Chris regularly conducts rotation equipment reliability training both at AESSEAL and at customer premises throughout the world. His training aims to increase time between failure to reduce operating costs and boost profitability.

“There are many reasons why you should consider mechanical seals over gland packing. But why would you choose the more expensive option? Is it really any better? The answer is in looking beyond the short-term,” wrote Dean, in a recent article for Fluid Handling International.

“…consider using a mechanical seal and you will soon reap the financial and benefits of lower running and maintenance costs, with no leakage meaning that your clean-up costs are reduced and your bearings are likely to survive longer.

“It really is actually the most cost effective solution to sealing your pump.”

To sign up to this exciting webinar and learn more about why mechanical seals could be the answer for you, visit: www.pumpsealing.co.uk.

AESSEAL's Chris Dean