March 1, 2018

Hexagon’s Mobile Pipelines contracted for ‘gas islands’

(via Compass Natural Gas)
(via Compass Natural Gas)

Hexagon Lincoln has won a $4.1 million (€3.3 million) contract from Compass Natural Gas for trailers to transport CNG to remote gas grids, called ‘gas islands’. Compass Natural Gas bought the trailers as part of its ‘virtual pipeline’ model, which uses alternate transport means like road to avoid the costs associated with pipeline infrastucture.

The Mobile Pipeline is a specialised truck trailer designed to supply gas to customers not connected to the grid. Hexagon says the composite cylinders used on the trailer can hold four times more compressed natural gas (CNG) and weighs 75% less than conventional steel tubes. This is meant to enable users to move more gas for less.

So-called ‘gas islands’ are remote, localised natural gas grids that connect a number of gas users, like large businesses or institutions. The communities served by ‘gas islands’ are usually too small to warrant a dedicated pipeline.

Miguel Raimao, vice president of Mobile Pipeline at Hexagon Lincoln, said in a statement: "It's been almost 10 years since Hexagon introduced TITAN and shaped a new CNG Mobile Pipeline market. It's exciting to see our customers continue to develop new applications that displace petroleum fuels with cleaner burning natural gas."

"We weathered a couple of tough years when the oil price collapsed, but we've emerged as a stronger and more sophisticated industry as a result." We are proud to have been chosen by Compass to be part of these new projects that will bring clean and affordable energy to these communities."

Hexagon Lincoln is a subsidiary of Hexagon Composites, a Norwegian company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Production of the CNG cylinders takes place in Norway and the US.

(via Compass Natural Gas)

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